I always loved math, but was terrible at it. Even now, when I see cars coming towards me, it reminds me of these feelings and how I am glad I have them, and then sorry to have them, and then happy, and how there are two cars coming towards me, then three, now four, and I am fifty four, then five years old, then six, then seven, and soon eight, and there is one sun in the sky, it’s so beautiful, and then zero.


How many times have you looked under the bed to find someone living there and not found them. Many times. Every night. Every night there is no one there. Every night you look under the bed and say Yoo Hoo but no one says Yes. If you were in France you would still say Yoo Hoo but if someone said Oui then you would have to say something back in French and here is what you would say: “Allez, allez, mon ami!” which means “I have been waiting for you all my life, my love” and then your life would end, in France, it’s fun not to travel, but eventually, one must travel, one must travel to France.


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