August Twenty-Twenty

This has been the longest not-August,
the unwieldy-est still-March, my windows fogged with tomorrow’s forecast and
the receipts of the past. I wish

for nothing in particular. A return seems unimaginable, but an un-return sends my trembling fingers to the
blurred edges of time. I am asked

to let go, so instead I sit at the ledge
with a hand dangling outside, collecting rain for warmer days, when perhaps

we will lie – backs flat – against the yellowed
grass and laugh about the year we thought

the world was going to end
again and again.


panthers in the city

(To preserve the format of the poem, we have made it available in a PDF document. Please click here to access.)


two winters in Dilli

dust is being / crumbling skylines
ginger my tea / the ash

lingers in my mouth / roof thick with
grime and pigeon feather /

in the winter of our bones / a future of decay /

February / they come preying in broad / battered sunlight
the roar of orange-blue flames drowning out the
dying embers of a working man’s firewood in the
harshest of winters /

toes twirling into the down of the rajai
we mull over the Air Quality Index / we joke
soon we will be wearing masks in the living room

crumbling skylines pepper my plate /

it is October / fingers snagging like wool / pink against
hair / we stumble into the pharmacy / a man eyes a

packet of sanitary pads fearfully / his mask a bird
perched precariously on the bough of his chin/ we
escape soon enough / snickering / grins drowned out
by the noise of cotton/

names snag in our throats /

in the winter of our bones, decay /
we shimmer / oblivious /
blue and bright in the wind / thick with
grime and pigeon feather /

love in the time of –

what happened last February?

dust is being / the plague floods the plains and the
plague carries us away / but this city remains /

what is a February?

what is a pogrom?

toes twirling into the down of the rajai /
you reach across

thumb the tip of my nose / i sniff
the lingering stench of a crumbling
skyline /

in the winter of our bones / desecration /

god buried herself under the fractured minarets
and its mortar settles white and flaky on our scalps /
a reminder of the losses we do not number /

i count every day we stay apart /

i stop counting /

what is dust?

it is November /

i don’t balk at the taste of crumbling
skylines anymore /

i am too busy burning the rajai that
has stiffened in your absence /

its ash settling smog on my shoulders /


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