Writing on the Wall

On the heels of the siren
A hissing undertow

Back-bending sea-oats
Palm fronds frisked
Static in the aquarium

White knuckles on the horizon surely
higher than our roof

Horseshoes hung down on the beach
Will cavalry recede

Between magnet shore and magnet moon
Won’t ocean float

Sorry fish so sorry garden

A fist mounted the ocean and scrawled on the promenade:


No Souvenir

After the hurricane, scour
the sand for wholeness
in seashells

Chips and shards mirroring
breakers and stars, they’re
security, eyes of the beach

Face down snug
insignia on their back, they
carry the world, do not touch

Ears blown
Spine spiralx posed
Toss back to the breeze


April 13, 2006

The way the tornado wailed
Lips to the rim

Flower and needle
Unsheathed tip

Curling growl
as it landed

Shaking in the basement
We ate the smell

We wept

Wept for it
Wept for us

for days on our knees begging
for a photograph intact

among the toothpicks


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