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I’m going to quit school and join the boy scouts.

He ran away when he was fifteen. The sleeper trains used to have green leather seats.
The news flash read: Traps are being laid to capture innocent animals and to enslave unsuspecting natives.

When the lodge owner asked for his address, he walked out.
Outings during June were fantastic with a good strong swell and off shore winds. What more could we ask for?

The hotel owner said we only offer room to married couples and families, so we smiled and bought souvenirs. Mahabali offered his head and then the universe was consumed.

An “invincible man,” he is well loved as a god by the primitive tribes in the area.
We drove past Koovathur twice, with him insisting all the while that I would give my head to live in this plot of land someday.

Is Mahabali a real giant? Yes. He also eats babies.
He admitted later that he’d been ready to work as a tea-boy near the station, as long as he did not have to pray on Fridays.


A job is what you do to get free time.

There are three ways of getting to T Nagar from Adyar.
When I came to the city, the Greams Road Fruit Juice Shop had only one branch: on Greams Road.

During the evening shift, there was only one guard at the door. Nirmala and I called him Nepali baiyya, An essay to describe the non-dual transcendent basis of all existence.

When Mahabali returns, he will unseat Indra and turn the heavens over.
Once, when I was walking back home, a man stopped his motorbike and said Sit, baby. Want a ride?

I think of the power outages sometimes. We ate lots of Parle-G and wiped our foreheads with our dupattas. Indira the maid was really named after Indira Gandhi or perhaps she was herself sickly.

Our boss said they had struggled to emerge as the pioneer in industry and sugar cane plantations. And then it came to be that I always ordered the muskmelon special (without sugar).


It smells like family.

Appa goes for a walk every morning at six thirty. The house is required to smell like Lizol before he leaves. My neighbour has a dyslexic child. We played noughts and crosses.

Shiva holds the poison in his throat at Vellore. You can throw a coin into his mouth.
The exhibits encourage the building of strong social skills by creating situations that require children to work as a team.

No membership is required and all bookings are confirmed and guaranteed at Vellore youth hostels. When we caught the watchman napping during a robbery, he said the saleswoman was nice to him.

My father spends Sundays counting all the loose change in the puja room. He plays Solitaire on the odd day.
Most people use aluminum coins unless they want to get their children married, in which case, silver is used.

I asked Indra where she got her perfume from. She always replied, oh, my him, you know.
When they shut off the power, I sat in the verandah making collect calls. Appa snored the whole time.


We will try not to smudge.

Our faces are painted in black kohl. We are lips, unlined.
Aachi masala—presidency is situated here. It has the perfect blend of homely aroma, so the marriage stays alive.

I was at home with my grandmother when the woman selling condoms asked to see my husband. When Shakti revolted, Shiva destroyed her, because he was never one to stand disobedience.

I told her, he is not here yet. When my grandmother asked, I told her the woman was selling voltage adapters. She was reincarnated anyway, because single Gods upset cosmological hierarchies.

My grandmother replied, so what? The tv screen always goes blank just when the heroine is getting married. We could use them. Jalakantheshwara is a misnomer because Shiva’s throat was full of poison, not hydroelectric charge.

On my last date, a man pulled up next to the car and said we were indecent. My father, when told about the episode, said these youngsters.


Are we like together?

When my mother called, she expressed disgust over the quality of hair products. No wonder everyone is uncoupling.
24X7 was running an interview about seed saving, cultural security, and economic insecurity in India denoting hope.

The inductive coupling process, the “antenna-like” circuits within, use an energy depleted world as their jumping off points. My aunt called in exactly ten minutes to show me profiles of Asterisk and Reliabil_Man on bharatmatrimony.

It is imperative to maintain a genealogy directory of well-known and not-so-well-known family names to record more hits.
On the last date, he also assured me that the legality of non-matrimonial partnership would soon be validated by the judiciary.

Both Shakti and Aachi masalas are currently looking for a spice mixture that can be used to season anything, even milk bread. Yet, I met Asterisk because Amma insisted that investment bankers whose last name was Kumar keep their hair as they age.

Are you familiar with the trend of historical prices, historical volume, splits and dividends, he asked.
The Supreme Court ruled that conjugal relationships did not have room for questions in order to hold in a court of law.


Picked up.

The authentic market focuses on us following the threads of our inner impulses.
Amma was horrified and kept saying that looking on the internet doesn’t mean you should lie and make things up.

I told the doctor that I had fallen off the scooter on the way back from a business meeting. He frowned. Brain imaging studies seem so simple and elegant: hook someone up to a functional MRI machine.

The first tv show I worked on was called Business Hour. Aachi’s tender quoted better prices and we sold our breaks to them. The MRI established that no serious injuries had been sustained. He kept frowning even then.

The imaging community has the best marketing exposure on the internet, coupled with color pictures of services and products. Before I resigned, Human Resources was circulating a memo that read: Wanna do your part?

We could use whatever you can afford in this tender start-up phase: Donate here. Then, stay in the loop with us here.
Later, I overheard Dr. Kumar telling the intern: I need to sneak away for a relaxing trip. I never meet single women with concussions.


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